Raptor SSC

Risk Management System Improvement

Is your organisation's risk management system good enough?

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Risk Assessment

Raptor SSC uses risk assessment as one step only in its development of Living Risk Management Plans™ for our clients. We are however, able to conduct for clients, issue specific risk assessments to inform particular decisions.

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Risk Analysis

If you need a basic risk assessment to assist your decision making and effort prioritisation, or you need a risk analysis to inform a detailed Living Risk Management Plan™ Raptor SSC consultants are able to provide the support you need.

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Living Risk Management Plan

Our Living Risk Management Plans™ are the products resulting from detailed consultation with work practitioners and management staff and an assessment of the risk in the context of the business processes and desired business outcomes.

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Other Services

If you have a requirement for risk management related services that reflect the communication or consultation phases of the risk management process; or the identification or hazards or risk, the assessment of risk, the prioritisation of risk controls or the articulation of controls in the form of a detailed plan that articulates accountabilities, please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

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