Raptor SSC

Risk Analysis

If you need a basic risk assessment to assist your decision making and effort prioritisation, or you need a risk analysis to inform a detailed Living Risk Management Plan™ Raptor SSC consultants are able to provide the support you need. Our processes and tools reflect the ISO 31000 and as such can be consistently applied and understood within Australia and internationally.

Our Risk Analysis differentiates us in the market place as our process is detailed and requires your input as specialist in your work. We aim to guide a process that leaves your organisation with a group of people who have contributed to the plan and who understand the reason risk controls and their underpinning assumptions were identified as critical to the ongoing success of the plan's outcomes. We aim to establish an internal, ongoing, and monitoring and review process that regularly checks the effectiveness of the controls and whether the underpinning assumptions are still valid. We aim for the plan to be a living document that is used regularly and improved periodically, to continually inform nimble and balanced business decisions.

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