Raptor SSC

Risk Analysis Tools

The Raptor SSC consultants use our sister company, X 14 Systems Pty Ltd’s, Risk Analysis System HawkEye™ , to establish the context of the client organisation's business and work practices. Its use relies on effective consultation with workers and managers so that 'work as it is done' is reflected in the risk controls that are identified and assessed. The pre-conditions for the use of HawkEye™ in its risk analysis mode are that the client organisation can articulate its relevant domains of risk for the analysis, and that each domain of risk can be informed by an understanding of what risk is tolerable in the context of work and business processes. HawkEye™ will generate a document that, when implemented, will provide the client with a Living Risk Management Plan™ .

The best use of the HawkEye™ is gained from involving participants from management and front line operations in the contextualisation, hazard / risk identification and analysis phases. HawkEye™ ’s processes prompts the identification of critical risks and the assumptions that underpin the successful control of those risks. The resultant Living Risk Management Plan™ (LRMP) articulates who needs to do what to ensure that the controls and contingencies identified are managed pro-actively but the plan is only as good as the team that implements it. For the LRMP to truly 'live' it must be used, reviewed and updated regularly. Its directed actions will form one suite of measures towards your company's pro-active attitude to satisfying the due diligence requirements of the Board and senior management.

HawkEye™ can be used by our consultants to work with your organisation to step through the process, or we would be happy to look at subscription arrangements so that you can use it in as many different circumstances as you require.

Opt-In to Continuous Improvement

Raptor SSC also offers and Opt-In continuous improvement scheme which allows industries concerned with the health and safety domain of risk for their people to share their hard won lessons and in return receive similar notifications for other likeminded organisations in the industry.

In order to Opt-In for this scheme your organisation must be prepared to share, in an unattributed manner, the lessons identified during the risk management monitor and review steps. For example if you have identified a work-around that assists in the management of a risk that was not originally identified in the risk analysis, it will be prudent to adjust the data file so that future analyses of that work will include the improved process / control. The organisation that has Opted-In to our scheme is then obliged to share that new control / work-around with Raptor SSC who will communicate with other organisations that have Opted-In to the scheme and they will receive the benefits of your learning. Similarly, you will receive information about other companies hard won lessons when they join the scheme. Please note that all data file improvements and updates will be attributed to the organisation that shared the new control.