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Risk Analysis Tools

The Raptor SSC Risk Analysis Tool is used in the context of the client organisation's business and work practices. Its use relies on effective consultation with workers and managers so that 'work as it is done' is reflected in the risk controls that are identified and assessed. The pre-conditions for the use of the Raptor SSC risk analysis tool are that the client organisation can articulate its relevant domains of risk for the analysis, and that each domain of risk can be informed by an understanding of what risk is tolerable in the context of work and business processes. Our Risk Analysis Tool will generate a document that, when implemented, will provide the client with a Living Risk Management Plan™

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Assurance Tools

If you can define what you want audited or inspected, in up to three layers of introspection, we can customise an audit tool for your ongoing monitoring and review requirements. The three layers of introspection could be Principles, Standards and Criteria, or Elements, Standards and Criteria. Either way we can customise our tool to meet your needs and it will reflect the International Standards Organisations Standard 19011 (guidelines for auditing management systems). Our audit Tool Hawkeye™ can be downloaded to MS, Mac or Android devices and allows you to exploit multi-media functions to improve the quality of your audit and audit report. It allows for the electronic storage of audit evidence and for the analysis of trends and performance over time if our tier three product and services are used.

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Crew Brief Application

The Raptor SSC Crew brief tools are under development but at this stage are not sufficiently advanced to provide detailed information. The crew briefing tools aim to provide tools for the delivery of industry specific tool box talks / Take 5's

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Business Management System Services

Raptor SSC intends to branch into this field of service delivery. At this point in time however, our business management services are are undergoing formal 'Beta' testing and we expect we will be able to offer these services in 2015.

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Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) Customisation

Using our Governance Assurance tools and processes, our consultants are well placed to conduct a gap analysis of your current WHSMS and your risk management system if required.

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Legal Privileged Services

The due diligence obligations of Officers of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) under Federal and (some) State and Territory WHS legislation has increased the need in some circumstances for prudent privileged legal advice to be given to clients who feel they may have breached WHS legislation or who feel they need to demonstrate effective due diligence.

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