Raptor SSC

Products and Services

We provide risk management consulting services in the form of complete risk analyses (risk assessment plus the development of a Living Risk Management Plan TM) 'trusted agent' peer review of sensitive internal risk assessments, critical factors analyses to inform continuous improvement and a range of governance assurance services and products all customised to reflect and support your business.

Our consultants use our Raptor SSC risk analysis tool to step through the ISO 31000 (Risk Management) processes in a way that reflects your industry and work requirements, in the context of your business objectives and policy guidance.

Our consultation strategies always leverage the experience your staff have in their industry, at their work sites. Our aim is to capture the controls that apply as 'work as done' and to also identify and capture for subsequent measuring and monitoring regimes, the critical assumptions that underpin the successful fulfilment of work on a daily or periodic basis. We aim to identify that which makes work predictable at your work sites and then to identify any situations that may generate aberrations to that system of work.

Our consultants will identify the suite of contingency plans which when completed, monitored and regularly reviewed will see your company poised to act in a nimble and decisive manner when opportunities or challenges present themselves.