Raptor SSC

Performance Analysis & Reporting Systems

HawkEye™ generates both a word report and a data file, both of which are the property of the client. When aggregated, the Data files from a programmed suite of audits or assurance activities which are able to be analysed to provide pro-active lead indicators of system success or improvement opportunities. This performance analysis offers opportunities to anticipate areas of concern before they prove they are a concern with an incident and allow risk managers to be seen to be exercising good judgement based on solid, analysed information (business intelligence).

We are happy to advise on the provision of data storage and analysis services if required.

Opt-in information / lesson sharing

As with our risk management services, Raptor SSC is able to facilitate the un-attributable transfer of system improvement information to other clients who have similarly opted-in for lesson sharing. Our aim is to facilitate industry wide lesson sharing to improve business and safety outcomes for all our clients.