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Living Risk Management Plan

Our Living Risk Management Plans™ are the products resulting from detailed consultation with work practitioners and management staff and an assessment of the risk in the context of the business processes and desired business outcomes. The risk identified can be concurrently assessed in multiple risk domains and the process ensures that critical risks and their underpinning assumptions are identified and attributed to relevant individuals. For these plans to be useful, their directed actions must be monitored and reviewed and the results analysed and discussed. If triggered the plan should be revised to keep it relevant and meaningful in the context of the work being done. The organisation's dexterity, balance, poise and ability to respond to changing circumstances will be greatly enhanced when the risk management plan continues to evolve to meet changing operational rhythms and situations.

Raptor SSC consultants can bring the benefits of the Raptor SSC risk analysis process to your organisation for any activity that requires a systematic and disciplined analysis of risks in order to inform better decision making and to demonstrate transparent processes and inclusive consultation.

Our consultants can conduct internal risk management training for board member, senior managers to line supervisors and tailor the training using you work examples and risk.

If you would like more information please contact us and as for one of our consultants to discuss potential collaborative opportunities.

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