Raptor SSC

Legal Privileged Services

The due diligence obligations of Officers of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) under Federal and (some) State and Territory WHS legislation has increased the need in some circumstances for prudent privileged legal advice to be given to clients who feel they may have breached WHS legislation or who feel they need to demonstrate effective due diligence.

In mid-2013 Raptor SSC was sought out by one of Australia's leading WHS legal firms to provide a range of cost effective services from which detailed discussions with their clients could be informed. The services provided to date include detailed causal analysis and investigation services relating to potentially serious incidents and a range of risk management related services which demonstrate a serious intent on behalf of the Officers of a PCBU to identify and manage risks to workers, the public, the client company's reputation and personal risks to Officers of the PCBU.

We have developed a capacity for delivering nationwide investigations, essential factors analyses of incidents, and a range of risk management services for legal firms wishing to offer their clients cost effective services that remain covered by legal privilege while maintaining the role of a trusted specialist advisor.

Noting that our consultants have demonstrated significant capacity in this emerging field, we are now pleased to offer these services to other legal firms in Australia.

Raptor SSC has become a provider of choice because of our professional and prompt service and the quality of our analytical and research processes. We offer succinct, logically constructed reports that are based on our intimate knowledge of the WHS legislation, risk management and governance assurance / compliance processes, and which are easy to read and are factually correct in every detail.