Raptor SSC

Customisation of Audit Tools

Raptor SSC audit and assurance consultants can generate many system efficiencies for our clients if they adopt the Raptor SSC Audit Tool and take the time to support its customisation for their particular business, system and / or work requirements.

If you can define what you want audited we can customise our tool to suit your needs.

The benefits of us customising our tool for your requirements is that the resultant reports generated by the tool will meet your needs and the information, recommendations and trends generated by an on-going relationship will inform your performance measurement processes with meaningful and relevant pro-active data and information.

Our tool can be customised to include relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standards and your company's internal guidance / policies.

Our tools can be downloaded onto Microsoft, Mac and Android devices and we are happy to train internal auditors on our tools and their application once they are customised for specific requirements.

Our tool is also able to provide risk and control inputs into a Raptor SSC risk management data file, thereby minimising (for those organisation using our risk management tools) the time and effort required to develop a risk management plan for the control of risk identified during the assurance activity.

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