Raptor SSC

Contextual Awareness

Raptor SSC's tailored risk management principles and robust framework for improving your risk management system gives you an advantageous oversight of your operations. It also gives you the ability to focus attention pro-actively to generate beneficial business, personnel, environmental and reputational outcomes, while minimising the potential for adverse outcomes from unforeseen deviations from normal practices.

We recommend using your company's existing risk management principles, framework and tools as the springboard to incrementally upgrading your system to one that leverages the trusted processes and guidance of ISO 31000 (risk management). We do not advocate revolutionary changes in your business processes when embracing Raptor SSC's approach, rather, we would like to work with you to assist your systems and processes evolve into better continually improving tools for your business. We do recommend that organisations acknowledge that:

  1. risk management systems provide a vision of truth for the board and all managers;
  2. for consistency, risk management language and descriptors convey the same meaning to all individuals in the company / organisation;
  3. risk management accountabilities are articulated in the risk management framework;
  4. their risk management framework provides an interpretation of the Board's risk appetite to achieve success;
  5. articulates guidance as managerial and supervisory risk tolerance in relevant domains of risk (operations, personnel, equipment and finance, environment and reputation) to empower their initiative and accountability; and
  6. provides risk threshold guidance to junior managers to give them the ability to exercise judgement and initiative in the identification and management of risks at their level of responsibility.