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About Raptor SSC Assurance Services

While the Concise Macquarie Dictionary describes an audit as: 'an official examination and verification of accounts and records, esp. of financial accounts' it also states that an audit is 'an official examination'.

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Raptor SSC Consultants

Raptor SSC's auditors / consultants are Exemplar Global (RABQSA) ISO 19011 (International Standard Organisation's guidelines for management systems auditing) certified auditors who are able to work anywhere in Australia as part of a scheduled audit program.

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Raptor SSC Relationships

Raptor SSC's preferred business model is to establish long term 'trusted agent' relationships with our clients. We offer the range of audit services from ad hoc one-off audits to a complete programmed schedule of audits for clients based on their assurance and related risk profiles. Our assurance services include but are not limited to: compliance, system assurance and specific management directed issues.

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Customisation of Audit Tools

Raptor SSC audit and assurance consultants can generate many system efficiencies for our clients if they adopt the Raptor SSC Audit Tool and take the time to support its customisation for their particular business, system and / or work requirements.

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Performance Analysis & Reporting Systems

The Raptor SSC Audit / Assurance tool generates both a word report and a data file, both of which are the property of the client. When aggregated, the Data files from a programmed suite of audits or assurance activities are able to be analysed to provide pro-active lead indicators of system success or improvement opportunities. This performance analysis offers opportunities to anticipate areas of concern before they prove they are a concern with an incident and allow risk managers to be seen to be exercising good judgement based on solid, analysed information (safety intelligence).

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Trusted Agent Services

Our reputation as a trusted agent for our clients is our most important business value.

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