Raptor SSC

Assurance Tools

If you can define what you want audited or inspected, we can offer you a customised audit tool / system for your ongoing monitoring and review requirements. We can customise our recommended system to meet your needs. The resultant customised system will meet your unique requirements while applying guidance reflected in the International Standards Organisations Standard 19011 (guidelines for auditing management systems). Our Governance and Critical Risk Control Assurance system - Hawkeye™ is now being marketed by our sister company X 14 Systems which can be downloaded at x14systems.com. Our patented system allows you to exploit multi-media functions to improve the quality of your audit and audit report. It allows for the electronic storage of audit evidence and for the analysis of trends and performance over time.

We at Raptor SSC aim to establish long term relationships as trusted advisers to your board and senior management. Your long-term success is therefore in our long-term interests too. In order to provide client and industry specific audit and governance assurance and pro-active critical risk control assurance services, we recommend customising HawkEye™ to take advantage of the automatic report generation functions which includes the related performance charts of each assurance activity as well as the 30% saving in time due to the planning and preparations and auto printing functions offered.

Additional benefits are that your company will own the data and be able to store, curate and retrieve it as required to report trends over time and to provide evidence of due diligence being practiced by Senior Executives and Managers. You will be able to analyse the data with HawkEye™’s Dashboard which is presently being developed and refined before being offered as a working unit or HawkEye™