Raptor SSC

Company Overview

Raptor SSC was formed in December 2008 and is a growing business. From its inception Raptor SSC has aimed to deliver risk management and governance assurance services to its clients through Systems, Solutions and Consulting services.


Raptor SSC's vision is to become an international thought leader in risk and assurance, with an international presence, offering its products and services to a global market and enabling a spirited community dedicated to the development of 'living' safety and assurance systems.


Raptor SSC's purpose is to assist organisations demonstrate effective due diligence and improve business outcomes through the effective use of risk management and system assurance concepts.

Business Model

Our consulting arm develops relationships with skilled contractors who are selected because of their exceptional skills and who demonstrate compliance with our business values and ethics. When a request for consulting services is received we identify the best, most suitable consultants and staff available and we develop our services and support proposal around these highly regarded skill sets.

We recommend using our sister company - x14 Systems - Governance, Compliance and Critical Risk Control Assurance system HawkEye™.